Colors from the World


“Colors from the World” is a mission based social venture. we work to help under-resourced schools get “relevant” and “needed” educational resources through our business thinking and creativity of children. We aim to be catalysts in making a sustained impact towards education of children in under-resourced schools worldwide.

1. Children are Creative

Children have their own imagination, their way of looking at things. They are creative. They draw and paint. A large number of schools are under-resourced: Lack of stationery, infrastructure, trained teachers etc. It is a barrier to education possibilities for children even if they go to such school. This feeds into continuous cycle of poverty and dependence. This is not right. We need to do something about it so that children have better education possibilities and can follow their dreams.

2. Drawings – Curation – Products – Revenues

We source children’s art from under-resourced schools worldwide. We curate and process the art and translate it into high quality products. We facilitate sale of these high quality products – designs, greeting cards, wall hangings & wall paper, porcelain, clothing etc. to people and organizations worldwide through solution partners. We generate revenues.

3. School Funds

Portion of Revenue (after costs and commission) from each sale is shared into three school funds – Educational Resource fund; School Engagement fund; Scholarship fund. As revenues grow, funds also grow over time. We engage with partner schools to identify the most critical and relevant educational resource needs and develop pathway for sustainable supply of educational resources – sourced locally, as much as possible. Scholarship funds can be used even if children move to higher education. Schools continue to get the needed and relevant educational resources, children continue to get supported – perpetually.

4. Sustained Education Impact Worldwide

Access to high quality educational resources improves learning possibilities for children. Scholarships improve access to further education possibilities. Knowledge of the fact that someone, somewhere bought a product based on a child’s art, gives a huge boost to the child’s confidence – which stays with them their whole life, in their endeavors towards fulfilling their dreams.


Every child has right to good quality education
Education is key to Sustainable Development and future of societies and our world

According to UNESCO, around 250 million children do not reach minimum learning standards by grade 4. About 130 million children still lacked basic math and literacy after finishing elementary school. The problem is wide-spread spanning countries – especially in the developing world. For example, more than 50% girls still lacked basic literacy in Nigeria despite finishing six years of education. Only about 34 % out of more than 80 % school children were found to have relevant numeracy skills in Malawi despite completing primary school. More than 65 % of students who appeared for secondary school exams failed in Tanzania in 2012. Similar problems exist in many parts of India, South Africa and most developing countries where low quality education becomes a poverty trap. This is a widespread problem and a systemic one. This is not right and we need to do something about it. Every child has right to good quality education which can open up possibilities for brighter future for the child.

  • Education
  • Creativity
  • Sustainable Positive Impact
  • Development with Dignity


Together we strive to make a sustainable impact towards education possibilities of children in under-resourced schools
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Himanshu Ardawatia

Founder & Board Chair
Himanshu comes from India and has worked for several years focussing on harnessing the power of technology, data, systems thinking and innovation to solve problems in sustainability and sustainable development areas. Himanshu focuses on strategic and impact aspects of Colors from the World.
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Derya Gungor

Design Associate
Derya is Turkish and has background in architecture. She is passionate about design and in her free time enjoys photography, drawing, making crafts and yoga. With Colors From The World, Derya works on product designs and visual communication.
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David Agagwa

Kenya School Engagement
David has experience with community based organizations. He is also Director of Wagego Lakers Care on Mfangano Island, Kenya.
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Emmanuel Okiring

Uganda School Engagement
Emmanuel has much experience in management and entrepreneurship. Apart from engaging with Colors From The World in engaging with schools in Uganda, Emmanuel is also Director of Nain Providers. In the past, he has worked with Grow Movement, UK
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Claire Jenkins

Claire is erstwhile CEO of Grow Movement, UK and currently COO of TableCrowd, UK. She has worked in diversity of sectors – from organic fruit sourcing for Tesco to outsourcing management at BT. She has her heart in sustainable development, volunteering. Claire is a passionate volunteer since a young age having completed various charity challenges over the years including Kilimanjaro, Mt Toubkal and Everest Base Camp. Claire also volunteers with Crus Bereavement Care, Leonard Cheshire and Room to Read.