We are a social venture, “Colors from the World”, and we work to help get under-resourced schools get “relevant” and “needed” educational resources through our business thinking, global outlook and creativity of children. We aim to be catalysts in making a sustained impact towards education of children in parts of the world where it is needed the most.


A large number of children around the world are not exposed to quality education. School admissions do not necessarily translate into learning or actual education. This has been particularly true in many parts of the world. Especially, in developing countries there is massive education deficit.

As a lot of effort and money goes into making sure that as many children get access to schools by different means, over time, a lot of schools chronically struggle for educational resources. Therefore, even though children of different age groups go to school, they do not get quality education due to lack of educational resources in their schools. This leads to many drop outs and even those who complete the schooling come out largely illiterate and with a feeling of not being good enough - resigned to their fate. With lack of relevant literacy skills they eventually end up in continuous cycle of poverty and dependence. This, eventually, affects development.

This is a widespread problem and a systemic one. This is not right and we need to do something about it. Every child has right to good quality education which can open up possibilities for brighter future for the child.

To work towards our mission, we will continue to engage with our stakeholders including our customers and partners in most productive and innovative ways.