How we work

Access to educational resources in schools can help create a positive change towards educational possibilities for children. We work in two ways:

  • We source, curate and facilitate sale of art and drawings made by children in these under-resourced schools to help generate revenues into the school funds.
  • We closely consult with school community, identify the most critical resource needs and develop a pathway for sustainable education resource supply towards better education possibilities for children at the school.
  • We use the school funds to engage with the schools and customize relevant education bundle for the schools. Schools funds are also used for scholarship for children.
  • We monitor and evaluate the progress towards improvement of education access to children who study with our school partners. We continue to calibrate and optimise our model based on results.

It is neither an easy task nor are their quick solutions to it. However, we believe that with business thinking, innovative approach, great team, productive partnerships with high quality, motivated partners who share our vision, WE CAN DO IT. Having our heart in the right place, we will continue to learn, innovate and calibrate our model to provide the best possibilities for educational resources for under-resourced schools so that children in different parts of the world can get access to high quality, relevant and engaging educational possibilities.