Our Values

  • Non-discrimination, Social justice and education for all: We ensure, through our local partners, that the schools that we work with are inclusive and do not discriminate among children based on gender, caste, creed, religion, race or ¬†socioeconomic status. If at any point in our relationship we come to know that the schools are discriminating or any misuse or abuse is taking place at schools, we will stop the partnership with the school. We have a maximum cap on how many drawings we get from school over a period of time. This ensures that the school will find no reason to force students to draw. It will remain part of school activity for purpose of exploration of creativity of children. We encourage whistleblowing to ensure that we can continue towards our mission.
  • Ethics: At Colors From The World AS, we work together to make a positive difference towards educational prospects of children worldwide. Ethics is strong part of our team culture and we expect the same from our school partners or any other partners.
  • Partnerships: Our mission towards improving educational prospects for children around the world is huge. While we know that with our model we can contribute significantly, we also know that with the right partnerships, we can make a larger impact. We are open for partnerships with organizations who share our beliefs, mission, values and standards and bring value to the partnership towards achieving our goal of promoting educational prospects for children around the world.
  • Environment & Sustainability: We aim to have minimum impact on environment, aim for minimal waste from our activities, aim to work with suppliers who have environment, sustainability and social justice integrated in their systems.